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Key Changes

Key Changes

Please be aware of the following key changes you will experience with the transition to Treasury Navigator:

Statements and Service Charges
With the transition to Treasury Navigator, you will notice a change in how your business online banking service charge appears on your monthly statement. Your monthly business online banking service charge will be applied to your account on the fifth business day of the following month. As a result, your monthly statements will feature the service charge for the previous month.

This charge will reflect as the Analysis Charge. The month and year will also appear with the Analysis Charge so you can easily identify the time period of the charge – for example: January 2019 Analysis Charge. Please be aware there will be no changes to your current service charge at this time.

To ensure the safety of your accounts, each time you access Treasury Navigator, you will have to enter your PIN, one-time passcode, and confirm your verification image and phrase.

When accessing Treasury Navigator for the first time, you will be able to set your PIN, as well as select an image.

The one-time passcode will be sent to the email address currently associated with your Business Link account. You can receive the one-time passcode via email or text. After the transition, if you would like to change your receipt preference or provide an updated email address, please call Treasury Management Client Support.