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10 Tips for Spring Organizing

SpringOrganizingKeep your home feeling fresh this spring. Instead of focusing on spring cleaning, why not try concentrating on getting your home organized? Here are some tips about approaching your home with organization in mind.

  1. Label shelves so the organization is clear to everyone.
  1. When you find something empty, the wrong size or never used, immediately toss it in the trash or the donation box.
  1. Have a plan of action. Pick a room, a closet, a set of drawers and commit to finishing the job.
  1. Organize events with a monthly accordion file. Put birthday cards, directions, invitations and delivery orders in the appropriate months.
  1. Invest in a closet organizer. It will help keep shoes in order, folded items neat and give miscellaneous things a home.
  1. When you take everything off a shelf to clean, go through everything. What you don’t want or need, toss it or give it away.
  1. Get your junk drawer under control by dumping the contents on the counter, grouping things in categories and storing things in clear plastic bag or containers.
  1. Wrangle electrical cords and hide power strips with cable-management boxes. Take the time to give cords a good dusting too.
  1. Manage important papers by creating a binder with sections for documentation. Insurance papers, bills, manuals and warranties and medical paperwork are good sections to start with. Use sheet protectors instead of punching holes in your paperwork.
  1. If you don’t have enough shelf space in the bathroom for all of your toiletries and personal products, try putting up hooks and organizing the items in baskets or bags and hanging them up.