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Easy Ways to Pay this Holiday Season

EasyWaystoPayPic2At South State, we want to help make your holiday shopping a little easier by offering several easy ways to pay. Whether you are taking advantage of a great online offer, tackling the stores with all the last minute shoppers or going in on a group gift for your boss, we can help. We offer several quick and secure payment solutions to make your holidays go a little smoother.

Apple PayTM

After finding the perfect gift for the last person on your list, the last thing you want is to dig your wallet from your bag. Apple Pay lets you use your South State Bank card with your iPhone and a single tap of your finger. Hundreds of thousands of retail locations worldwide, from grocery stores to boutiques, already accept Apple Pay, and the number is growing rapidly every day. Enjoy holiday shopping with secure mobile payments in three easy steps without ever needing your wallet. Learn more here.1

Visa Checkout

If you choose to do all your shopping online, Visa Checkout is the payment option for you. Visa Checkout makes paying online as fun and easy as online shopping for holiday deals. Now you can skip typing in your card and shipping info every time you make a purchase. Simply look for the Visa Checkout button, enter your email and password and confirm your purchase. Learn more about how to get started here.


This time of year, splitting meals, contributing to group gifts and even paying the babysitter become very common. We make it easy with our person-to-person online payment service. Popmoney allows you to quickly send or receive money from virtually anyone you know. An email address or mobile number is all you need to get started.2 Log in to Mobile or Online Banking, open Popmoney, select send or pay and you’re all set. Learn more here.

Simplifying payment and money management is an added bonus when it comes to the frenzy of the holidays. Spend less time in the checkout lines and more time with your family this holiday season with our easier ways to pay.