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Keep Your New Year's Resolution with these Apps

New-Years-Resolutions-PicAs 2016 gears up, you might be thinking of the right New Year’s resolution. Do you want to lose weight or learn to cook? Do you need to cut back on TV or social media? Spend more time outdoors or learn to garden? Save money? No matter your goals, here are some of our favorite apps that can help you stay on track.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) – Is your goal to start tracking your spending and learn to effectively budget? YNAB gives you the tools and a proven method to make your finances work as efficiently as possible. Have budgeting resources at your fingertips on your phone for easy access or download the software to your home computer. You also have access to free online classes to help you hit the ground running.

MyFitnessPal – Give your health and exercise routine a lift by tracking calories, exercise and your progress with this popular app. Making this app even better is the ability to connect different exercise tracking apps (for example RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, FitBit Tracker or Under Armour Record) for more accurate tracking. Take advantage of the growing online community by finding resources from experts and encouragement from other users.

Dietbet – Looking to lose weight in 2016? Do you enjoy friendly competition? Then Dietbet might be the motivating app for you. The game is easy. Join a game and put your ante in the pot, lose the weight for your game by the deadline and if you win, you and the other winners of your game split the pot. If you don’t lose the weight, then your money is split among the winners. Choose from a variety of games that vary from four weeks to six months.

MyQuit Coach – Is your goal to stop smoking in 2016? Created by the brains behind, this app creates a personalized plan for you to set realistic goals and use the physician-approved tools to help you finally be able to quit smoking.

Debt Free – To start paying off debt, you have to get organized and see the full picture. Debt Free can help. Use the built in calculators to decide monthly payments, set goals and notifications and track your progress.

SparkRecipes – Whether you are learning to cook, looking for some new recipes or want to find some new favorites to add to your recipe box, SparkRecipes has something for you. Search through more than 500,000 recipes, view video demos and scroll through handy culinary tips. If you’re looking to learn about the nutrition of packaged food you eat, try True Food for a peek beyond the nutritional label.

Goodreads – Ready to put down the remote and tackle the stack of books in the corner? Goodreads offers a social media community for book lovers to join. Get recommendations, book reviews, enter giveaways and track books you’ve read in an easy to use app. You can also write your own book reviews, find friends and join groups. Happy reading!

Way of Life – Sometimes a resolution can be to make or break habits. This app allows you set goals and track them daily so you can see the various trends in your life. Set reminders for multiple goals and see how long you can go. Tracking is easy and you can personalize reminders to make it the most effective for you.

Calm – Still reeling from the nonstop action of the holidays? Need to incorporate more relaxation time into your busy schedule? Look no further than Calm, a meditation app with guided programs to bring peace of mind to your life.

Fooducate – Getting healthy starts in the kitchen and this app has it all. Instead of tracking just calorie quantity, see a breakdown of the quality of calories you’re eating and see healthier suggestions for the foods you love. You will also find an active online community, healthy recipes and information from nutrition experts.

No matter what you choose for your New Year’s resolution, having an app to help you keep it up can ensure that you’re still going by the time you’re thinking about a new resolution for 2017.