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South State Introduces Chip Technology

EMVPicAt South State, keeping our customers protected is a top priority. Chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit and debit card protection. Debit and credit cards with chip technology are simple to use, more secure and globally accepted.

We’re here to help you learn more about this new technology and have outlined a few benefits below:

Enhanced Security

The chip on your card offers additional security against fraud when used at a chip-enabled terminal. Chip technology produces a unique code during each transaction, making it more secure and harder to duplicate.

Accepted Internationally

Chip technology has already been adopted by more than 130 countries, making it easier to use your card worldwide. It has also been integrated into thousands of locations worldwide.

Easy to Use

Using your new chip card is simple. All you need is your card with chip technology and a participating location with a chip-enabled terminal.

You can use your chip card in three easy steps.

  1. Insert card into terminal
  2. Leave card in the terminal while the transaction processes
  3. Remove your card when prompted

Beginning in January, we will begin the process of replacing all existing debit cards with new cards featuring EMV chip technology.

For more information about Chip Technology, please click here.