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Must Have Apps in 2018

Apps for 2018

Creating healthy habits is how to take your New Year’s resolution from wishful thinking to real life changes. Having a guide to keep you accountable and track your progress can be helpful as you work towards your goals in the new year. These mobile apps are a great way to keep you on track to a healthier you in 2018!


Do you want to start eating better but feel overwhelmed with the options in the grocery store? ShopWell can help. Fill in your eating goals and the app will help guide you to the food you should be eating.

Download iOS here and Android here.

Sleep Better – Sleep Tracker

Improve your overall health and increase your energy level throughout the day by getting better sleep in 2018. This app also gets smarter overtime. The more you put into it, the more you’ll learn about your sleep habits.

Download iOS here and Android here.


Keeping your healthy resolution doesn’t mean you want to make a sweeping change to your lifestyle. Maybe you’re interested in making small changes and building up good habits throughout the year. Enter Habitbull. This app helps you keep track of your short-term goals like avoiding soda for a week or going to the gym four times in one week. Turn your habits into a game!

Download iOS here and Android here.

Zombies, Run!

Are you more likely to work out if you’re distracted from the working out part? With Zombies, Run, you’ll be too busy carrying out your mission to save your camp from the zombie apocalypse to worry about the running.

Download iOS here and Android here.


If your resolution is to get outside more often, then Yonder is a good app for you. Simply enter your location and you’ll find suggestions for hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing with reviews.

Download from iOS here and Android here.


Need a gym membership for your emotional health? Simply enter a goal, like handling stress better, and the app will give you quick, daily activities to help you accomplish your goal.

Download of iOS here and Android here.

Sticking to a resolution is hard. Finding tools to keep you motivated and accountable will help take away the stress so you can concentrate on your goals.