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Tips for Fun and Budget-Friendly Tailgating

TailgatingTipsFootball season is here! And no matter who you cheer for, we want you to enjoy the season to the fullest. That’s why we’ve provided a few tailgating tips below to help you prepare for a fun, budget friendly gameday.

    1. Plan ahead:  Determine your head count, menu, and tailgate schedule before kickoff.  Then, plan your purchases accordingly to avoid buying too much and seeing it go to waste.
    2. Invite friends and split the spread:  Sharing the cost of preparing for gameday can help you save time and money.  Ask friends to bring a dish and join you for tailgating before the game.
    3. Buy in bulk:  If there are certain items you use each week, go ahead and buy them in bulk instead of purchasing on a weekly basis. Even though you will have to store extra items, the savings could be significant and worth the temporary inconvenience.
    4. Meatless recipes:  Instead of filling your tables with several meat options, limit your menu to only one or two options and plan other meatless recipes. Cutting down on the amount of meat you purchase will help you save on your tailgating grocery bill.
    5. Hydrate:  Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated – especially during warmer months.  Freeze your bottled water the night before to keep it colder longer during gameday.
    6. Coupons:  Before you shop for your tailgate, browse for coupons and discounts at your local supermarket.  Give yourself enough time to alter your menu if you see certain deals that will help you save.  
    7. DIY decorations: Whether you’re at home or at the game, decorations can add more excitement and fun to you weekly tailgate. Research a few different websites to find do-it-yourself decorations for your tailgate.  Popular sites include Pinterest, eHow and
    8. Make your own platters:  Platters and sampler plates are always a tailgating favorite.  Instead of ordering these from a local restaurant or grocery store, make your own to cut costs.  Popular platters to try are sandwich trays and cookie trays. Purchase your ingredients and create a variety to take for your guests.
    9. Pack a meal: If your tailgate menu is full of snacks and you typically hit the concession stand during the game, plan to pack lunch or dinner to eat before kickoff. This will help you avoid pricey concession stand meals.  Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy more time in the game versus standing in line!
    10. Bring extra storage containers:  Make sure to pack storage bags and containers to help with clean up.  These can come in handy if you do not want to pack up large containers and trays, or if you want to split the leftovers among your tailgate attendees.

We’ll be sharing these tips weekly on Instagram and Twitter throughout the season.  Follow us to view our weekly Tailgating Tips and to learn more about South State Bank.