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Accessing Treasury Navigator

Accessing Treasury Navigator

Secure Browser
You will access Treasury Navigator through our highly secure dedicated browser – Treasury Navigator Secure Browser. You will receive an email from Treasury Management Support instructing you to download the Secure Browser. Included in the email will be the Secure Browser Download Guide with step by step instructions.

Activation Key
You will receive your Treasury Navigator Activation Key a few weeks after receiving instructions to download the Secure Browser. Your Activation Key will be securely sent from the Treasury Management Support team via a ZixCorp secure email. Please reference the ZixCorp Secure Email Instructions for a step by step guide for accessing your Activation Key.

Using your Activation Key, you can then access Treasury Navigator and register a PIN. For instructions, please reference the PIN Registration Guide. Your PIN will need to be 8-12 characters long and include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. This PIN is non-expiring, and you will use it each time you log in to the Secure Browser or Mobile App.

Mobile Banking

You will be able to access your company’s accounts anytime, anywhere using the Treasury Navigator Mobile App. The App is available for both iOS and Android devices. You will need to download the Treasury Navigator Secure Browser first and set your PIN in order to access your company’s accounts through the App. The PIN is non-expiring and can be the same PIN you use to access the Secure Browser.

To help you get started, reference the Treasury Navigator Mobile App User Guide.

Download the App for iOS

Download the App for Android

Users will be able to initiate and approve Wire and ACH transactions through the Treasury Navigator Mobile App, and we are working to provide BillPay capability through the App in the near future.