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Account Management

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MerchantmanageSolutions to track your payment activity online.

Tracking your merchant activity in real-time can help you research transactions, manage your chargebacks, access electronic statements and generate reports to reduce your downgrades. Elavon’s MerchantConnect1 platform can help accomplish these tasks.

MerchantConnect™ Basic

MerchantConnect Basic is a complimentary service that offers basic reporting capabilities and statement access.  It also includes a feature called DashBoard, which provides charts and graphs to measure your historical sales volume and compare it against similar merchants.

MerchantConnect™ Premium

If you’re in need of enhanced reporting capabilities with extended data storage, MerchantConnect Premium is the right solution for you. Track multiple merchant accounts or chains of accounts online, view the last 12 months’ data, generate a variety of reports and allow customized access for multiple users.

With the optional Online Case Management module, you can electronically track, assign and manage your chargeback responses, making the process cleaner, more standardized, and eaiser to manage.

MerchantConnect™ SRS

MerchantConnect SRS – our Settlement Reconciliation Service – assists with your merchant tax filing requirements. You can conveniently access the following information and more:

  • Tax ID Number (TIN) validation. Ensure Elavon has your correct TIN and legal business name on file to avoid IRS-mandated backup withholding.
  • Processing volume. Access your processing amounts to provide reports on settlement activity, chargebacks and other processing-related expenses.
  • Simple and clear reporting. Easy-to-understand reports roll up monthly, quarterly and annually and are available for up to 4 years.
  • Electronic 1099K. Sign up to receive your Form 1099K electronically to avoid postal delays.

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