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10 Ways to Prepare for the First Day of School

schoolbusAfter a long, relaxing summer vacation, a lot of us are ready to get back to a normal schedule. However, jumping into a structured routine can be difficult after a few months of sleeping in and vacations. Help your family prepare for the school year by following the steps below:

1. Go to bed early
During the summer, it’s easy to stay up late since you do not have to wake up early the next day. Encourage your family to start relaxing and getting ready for bed a little earlier than they are used to during the summer months. This will help the next step be a little easier.

2. Get up a little earlier
After a few months of sleeping later, start waking up an hour or two earlier in the mornings before the first week of school. This will help you get adjusted to an earlier schedule and make the first day go a little smoother.

3. Eat breakfast
Sitting in a classroom all day can be exhausting – especially when your children are not used to it. Make sure they have a well-balanced breakfast in the morning to give them energy to concentrate on their new classes and satisfy their appetites until lunchtime, which could be a little later than the year before.

4. Shop for school supplies
Typically, teachers will give a list of supplies needed for their class. Make sure your student has all of the materials needed before the first day of school. To add excitement to starting the school year, let your child choose some of his or her supplies. Maybe a new book bag or notebook will help him or her be more enthusiastic!

5. Finish summer reading
Schools often assign summer reading assignments to students, particularly in higher grade levels. Take the last few days of summer to make sure your children have completed their assignments before the first day.

6. Know your schedule
Middle and high school students have more complex schedules than elementary students. A typical day can incorporate four or more classes in different places for your child. Help your student learn his or her schedule and know where to go when the bell rings. This will help boost confidence on the first day and prevent the stress of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

7. Pick out clothes before bed
This step can prevent delays in your already busy morning. Have your student lay out his or her clothes the night before school. This will help make sure everything is ready the night before and easy to put on in the morning.

8. Test your locker
Using a locker may be new to many students, and the locks can be tricky. Locating and testing the locker before the first day is always helpful. Often, a locker can be located across the building from your student’s classrooms, so this can help your child plan out the best time to make a locker visit to switch out books.

9. Organize your book bag
Make sure school supplies are organized and placed in your child’s book bag before the first day. This includes putting paper in notebooks, sharpening pencils, and placing covers on books. This way, your student can focus on getting ready and eating breakfast rather than organizing his or her book bag.

10. Have a positive attitude
The first day of school can cause a lot of anxiety for students (and parents). Most students are going through the same emotions, especially if they’re entering a new school or grade level. Assure your child it’s okay to be nervous, as many students are on the first day. Encourage your child to relax and have a positive attitude about the school year.

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