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Give Your Home Value a Boost with these Improvement Projects

man got a loan to upgrade kitchen

Wondering how to make the money you put into your home work for you? You can build equity by making certain home improvements; however, not all projects are created equal. Whether you’re looking to sell or want to improve the value of your home, here are some projects to consider.

Minor Bathroom Updates
Overhauling a bathroom can be costly, but simple updates like new hardware, a fresh coat of paint and replacing old caulking around the bathtub can go a long way. Depending on your budget, replacing the tub insert or updating the flooring to tile can also add value to your home.

If you’re selling your home, curb appeal is very important when listing a house. Laying new sod, planting flowers, spreading mulch and trimming shrubs all can go a long way, and you generally receive 100 percent return on the investment. If your yard is in need of an upgrade, visit your local nursery, and work with a landscape designer on economical ways to improve your yard.

Minor Kitchen Remodel
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it can be a turnoff for potential buyers to see an outdated or dark kitchen. The options for updating a kitchen are endless and can get expensive quickly. You can keep costs down by keeping updates cosmetic and working with existing cabinets.

Outside Clean Up
Similar to landscaping, the outside of your home needs to feel welcoming to potential buyers. Simple fixes like power washing the exterior of the house, adding planters of flowers to the entry and a new door can all go a long way in improving curb appeal.

Tips on Updating

  • Understand the home values in your area. You don’t want to make updates that make your home more valuable than any other home in your neighborhood. Your updates should be in proportion to your selling price so you can recoup the money you’ve invested.
  • Avoid trendy updates. Keep in mind you’re making these updates for someone else. While you may love an outrageous pattern on your granite countertops, doesn’t mean potential sellers have the same taste. Go for classic colors and timeless fixtures.
  • Working with a real estate expert can help you decide what to update and what will give you the most return. When getting ready to list your house, ask your agent to walk through your home and give his or her opinion.
  • Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and take on some of the improvements. Things like painting, cleaning up your yard and replacing fixtures are all easy to do and can help save you money.

We Can Help
Depending on the types of projects you’d like to complete, you may need help to get everything accomplished.

According to Katy Sozzi, a South State Mortgage Loan Officer, you have options, “There are several ways to obtain the financing for the purpose of renovating. Whether a construction loan, a cash-out refinance, or a home equity loan would be a better fit, we can help guide you through the process based on your financial goals and current financial position.”

Contact a local banker or find a Mortgage Loan Officer to discuss your options and what works best for you.