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Ten Reasons to Consider Online Banking


The Internet is definitely changing the way we live.  It has quickly become the choice method of communication for many.  It has also become a major factor in the financial lives of millions.  Using the Internet to interact with your bank can help simplify managing your money.  Here are ten reasons to consider using Online Banking1:

  1. You can pay your bills online. Most online institutions offer convenient bill paying services. With these services, paying your bills just takes a mouse click. Plus, you can pay all of your bills from one location versus navigating to multiple sites.
  2. You can easily manage your accounts and know your up-to-date balances. It is easy to see which checks have cleared and monitor your balances.
  3. You can make transfers between accounts easily. Knowing how much money you have in each account can enable you to move money easily to earn higher rates on certain funds. You can even transfer between accounts at different institutions.
  4. It can be less expensive. Online bill paying eliminates the costs of stamps and ordering checks. Avoiding a trip to the bank saves gasoline and parking fees.
  5. You can save time. You can bank whenever and wherever you want. All you need is a PC or mobile device with Internet access.
  6. It is secure. Most online banking activities use highly sophisticated encryption devices to ensure safety and privacy. Your access code (or PIN number) should be guarded carefully.
  7. You can receive valuable information. Many institutions have electronic newsletters and email messaging to keep you fully informed about any special offers they may have. You owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of having an online relationship with your financial institution.
  8. Send and receive money. You can send money to others without knowing personal account information or you can send out a request for others to pay you.
  9. eStatements. Online Banking gives you the opportunity to sign up for eStatements. Electronic statements are just like paper statements you receive in the mail but can be accessed securely through Online Banking.
  10. Mobile Banking. Using Online Banking means you also have access to Mobile Banking. With mobile apps, iPad apps, and mobile sites, you can manage your money anywhere.


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