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Resolve to Get In Better Financial Shape

New Year’s Day comes with promises to lose weight, start jogging, eat healthier and generally improve one’s life. Is getting in better financial shape on your list, too? If so, we can help.

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Plan ahead now.

You may be working at your first job or fifth, but planning for retirement is essential.

At South State, our team of professionals can help you plan for retirement whether it’s three or 30 years away. Taking into account your income and anticipated expenses, they can tailor a plan just for you.

Share sensibly on social media.

Sharing events in your life is a common occurrence. Just make sure the details you reveal won’t do more harm than good.

Social media posts, pictures and check-ins can give fraudsters clues to your identity, address and account passwords. Don’t make it easy for them to pick up on your personal details, spending habits and travel plans.

Shield your money.

Out of habit and convenience, you probably used your primary debit card and saved your card information when shopping at an online store you frequent. However, if a fraudster is able to hack a shopping site, they could gain access to funds in your primary account.

If you set up a secondary checking account for extra spending — such as online shopping, movies and dinners out — you can use Mobile Banking to transfer money from your primary checking account. Better yet, budget what you want to spend on entertainment and shopping each month, only transferring that amount.

Round Up to Save with South State Checking and Savings AccountsMake a budget and stick to it.

You set your budget for a reason. Now stick to it. Ten dollars here and ten dollars there add up quickly.

Be honest about where you tend to stray from your budget and ask others to hold you accountable. Get started with our budget calculators.

Grow your emergency fund.

You set up an emergency fund last January as part of 2019’s resolutions. But did you remember to contribute to it?

Emergencies don’t take holidays, and neither should saving. Having trouble remembering to transfer money to your emergency fund? Let Round Up to Save do the work for you. For every debit card purchase you make, we’ll “round up” the amount to the next dollar and deposit that change into your savings account.