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Experience Small Town Charm in Aiken, SC

Aiken, SC

Aiken’s history is studded with stories of visiting heirs and America’s wealthy escaping the Northeast during the winter in the late 1800s to enjoy equestrian sports and the local beauty. Fast forward a century later, and Aiken’s reputation for world class horse racing and as a second home for the equestrian elite is still going strong. From polo to fox hunting and racing, Aiken is one of the premier locations for horse lovers and spectators.

Interest in Aiken doesn’t stop with the horses. Named The South’s Best Small Town 2018 by Southern Living, Aiken’s authentic southern charm is charming enough for everyone. You can drive through the iconic live oaks towering over South Boundary Avenue, take a walk through Hitchcock Woods, a 2,100-acre urban forest or explore businesses on Laurens Street in downtown Aiken.

Spending a weekend in Aiken is the rejuvenating adventure you’ve been looking missing.

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