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Newberry, SC is One of America's Best Small Towns

Newberry DowntownSmall town charm comes with a side of culture and history when you’re visiting Newberry, S.C. With a population of just over 10,000 residents, Newberry offers a relaxing small town feel and a wide variety of attractions for those that have the urge to explore a truly Southern community. This historic college town nicknamed, “City of Friendly Folks” was recently named one of the 100 best small towns in America by The Travel Channel and deserves a visit if you enjoy Southern hospitality.

Spend your day exploring the picturesque town square lined with antique shops before selecting the perfect restaurant to have a relaxing meal. At night, enjoy a show at the historic, and famous, Newberry Opera House which hosts dozens of musical performances each year that range from classical to bluegrass. The opera house boasts a wide range of shows from your favorite musical artists to off-Broadway traveling shows to plays and much more.

Newberry has no shortage of upcoming events. Mark your calendar for Pork in the Park (April 12-13, 2019) and sample the area’s finest BBQ cuisine, or plan a visit around A Taste of Newberry (May 17, 2019), the city’s annual festival where you can sample local food, beer and wine.

Learn more about everything Newberry has to offer on the town’s website here:

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