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  • Are there any changes to my loan?

    You will receive separate communications should there be any changes to your loan. Additional details will be included in the Account Information Booklet, which will be distributed to CenterState customers in April.
  • How can I make my loan payments to SouthState?

    • You can make your loan payments by mail to:
    South State Bank, N.A.
    P.O. Box 118068
    Charleston, SC 29423-9910
    • You can make your payments using BillPay or any other third-party bill payment service. Please be sure to update the biller’s information with the name and address above.
    • You can make your payment via internal transfer from your SouthState checking or savings account to your loan using Online or Mobile Banking.
    • You can make a payment using the SouthState online Loan Payment System. (some loans types may not be paid via this system)
    • You can make a payment at your local branch.
  • Will my loan payments continue to be automatically drafted from my account after the transition?

    Yes. Unless you are notified otherwise, your loan payments will continue to be drafted from your account as they are today.
  • What is Treasury Navigator®?

    Treasury Navigator® is a comprehensive digital banking solution which provides a convenient way to access and manage all your Treasury Management services within one system.
  • When can I start using Treasury Navigator®?

    In the Spring 2021, we will transition all clients who use Online Cash Management to Treasury Navigator®.
  • How can I access Treasury Navigator®?

    You will access Treasury Navigator® through the Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser, a state-of-the-art secure environment that you will be able to download directly to your desktop or laptop. You will receive additional information and instructions for downloading Secure Browser in the coming months.
  • Can I use my mobile phone to access Treasury Navigator®?

    Yes. When you download the Treasury Navigator® Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play, you gain the added convenience of performing various transactions, such as initiating a wire transfer, depositing a check or processing ACH transactions, when you’re on the go.
  • Will I continue to have multiple usernames and passwords for my Treasury Management Services?

    No. The best part about Treasury Navigator® is that you will only need to remember one password to access the various services you may use including Remote Deposit Capture, Bill Pay, ACH, Positive Pay, Wire Transfer and Lockbox.
  • What is Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser?

    Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser is a restricted-use web browser which protects and allows streamlined access to Treasury Navigator®, the commercial online banking system. Through a secure state-of-the-art, layered-security system and a Single Sign-on (SSO) experience, users gain convenient access to a secure banking site, independent of other applications.
  • How does the Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser work?

    The first step is to download the Secure Browser to your desktop or laptop. Instructions for downloading the Secure Browser will be provided to you. Once you have downloaded the secure browser and received your activation key, you will be able to log into Treasury Navigator®.
    With each log-in, Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser verifies the user’s identity through a Multi-Factor Authentication process, which is a layered security method recommended by the FFIEC.
  • Where can I download the Secure Browser?

    Each user in your company will be required to install Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser from one of the options below. We will provide you with additional details prior to the download process.

    Windows: https://treasurynavigator.southstatebank.com/msb/download/southstate_browser64.exe

    MAC: https://treasurynavigator.southstatebank.com/msb/download/southstate_browser.pkg
  • Is there any anti-virus software that is incompatible with Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser?

    Yes. The following antivirus software has been identified as having Device Control software, which is incompatible:
    • Lumension Device Control module for Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (a.k.a. Lumension Endpoint Security Device Control, LES DC), all versions
    • Ivanti Endpoint Security Device Control (a.k.a. HEAT Endpoint Security Device Control) and all Ivanti products that integrate the Device Control technology, all versions
    • ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Antivirus Business Premium, all 7.5.x versions subsequent to and including 7.5.5819
    • ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Endpoint Security, ThreatTrack VIPRE Advanced Security, and any VIPRE product that incorporates the Device Control technology, Versions 9.6 and later
    • Any product using the same licensed Device Control technology not specifically listed above.
    Generally, Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser is compatible with most antivirus software. However, whitelisting may be required within those applications.
  • What if my anti-virus software is compatible but I am still unable to download Secure Browser?

    Please contact your IT department to have the Secure Browser site whitelisted. It is important to have administrative privileges on the computer where Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser will be installed.
  • I have a Secure Browser from another bank. Can I use what I already have?

    No. The Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser is a fully self-contained browser that does not use any other commercial browser previously installed on a user’s computer. This is a safeguard which insulates your computer from malware that might be attached to other browsers. Users are only allowed access to websites and applications defined and configured by SouthState Bank. The Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser does not have an address line in the browser to prevent users from navigating away from allowable sites. All users are required by South State Bank to use the Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser to access Treasury Navigator.
  • How do I “register” the Treasury Navigator Secure Browser?

    Once you have installed the Secure Browser, you must reboot the computer. Once you have rebooted the computer, launch Treasury Navigator® Secure Browser by locating and selecting the new icon that appears on the desktop, or in the Applications folder if the Secure Browser has been installed on a Mac. Next, enter the Activation Key code and then, select the Continue arrow. You’ll need to create a PIN to use when you log in. The PIN must be between 6 to 12 characters which includes letters and numbers only. Make note of your PIN because you will use this going forward to login and access Online Banking through Treasury Navigator®. You’ll also need to determine your preferred delivery method (email or SMS Text) to receive your user verification code. Email is the default method. Once you receive the verification code, input the code, and select the Continue arrow.
  • Where can I get the Activation Key?

    You will receive this information from SouthState Bank when we combine our bank operations in Spring 2021 Additional details will be sent to you. If you do not receive this information, please send an email to [email protected] for assistance.
  • What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

    Treasury Navigator® has integrated a strong authentication technology from WiKID Systems in order to utilize a multi-factor authentication process. Treasury Navigator® utilizes a software-based security token to gain system access. Through a simple and easy PIN registration process, the soft token is activated.
  • Why is Treasury Navigator more secure?

    Treasury Navigator is more secure system because the software performs a self-test during the log in process and prevents customers from logging in if tampering, corruption, or infection is detected. Additional security features include an embedded keyboard driver which encrypts the user’s keystrokes within the application to prevent keylogging and a one-time, time sensitive passcode is generated during the login process.

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