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Business Sweep

Being successful in business means not just earning money, but wisely managing it as well.

South State’s Business Sweep Account1 is designed for business accounts, including corporations, small businesses and non profit organizations, to automatically earn interest on excess cash – an effortless way to earn the most on your profits.

This account uniquely combines a business checking account with the ease of automatically sweeping cash in excess in an interest-bearing checking account. Cash in excess of your balance is automatically transferred into an FDIC-insured2 checking account, ensuring competitive rates on all of your excess cash balances. And, if your end-of-day checking account balance falls below your target balance, funds will be automatically swept back into your checking account. Because the sweeps to and from your checking account are automatic, there is no need for you to worry about managing your daily balances.


  • Manage your cash balances more easily
  • Unlike many other banks, South State sweeps to the penny
  • Competitive yields
  • Seamless cash management
  • Earns tiered interest
  • Allows for unlimited sweeps to a DDA account
  • Online Banking3
  • eStatements
  • Phone Banking3