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Zero Balance Account


Open a Zero Balance Account1 and consolidate all of your company’s funds into one centralized account.

A Zero Balance Account makes it easier to invest excess funds by automatically transferring funds to your payroll or other types of accounts when they are needed.


  • Maximizes funds available, as excess funds in the central operating account can be transferred to increase returns and maintain liquidity.
  • Eases the payment of outstanding loan balances, as they can all be paid from one centralized account.
  • Minimizes the risk of overdraft fees.
  • Savings you valuable time and money, as everything is electronic and seamless, thus allowing employees to focus on other business matters.
  • Makes tracking of transfers and reconciling statements easy by cross-referencing account numbers on bank statements.

How It Works:

A Zero Balance Account is a checking account which always maintains a balance of zero. All of your business funds are deposited into one central operating account. Any additional business accounts you may have, such as payroll, petty cash or others will each be a Zero Balance Account and will always maintain a balance of zero in each account.

  • On a daily basis, the total amount for all checks presented against each ZBA is offset by a debit to the central operating amount.
  • To ensure accuracy, each transfer from the central operating account to any of the ZBA is cross-referenced by the account number on the bank statement.
  • Deposits which are accidentally made to any of your zero balance accounts will be automatically transferred to the central operating account.

To sign up for a ZBA, contact your local South State business banker.