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Quicken® and Quickbooks®

Money Management made easy.

Download all of your transactions from Online Banking into your Quicken software.

Web Connect

Web Connect allows you to download your transactions from Online Banking and then import them in to your Quicken or QuickBooks software. If you want to be selective as to which transactions are downloaded into Quicken, Web Connect gives you that flexibility.

What you need to set up Web Connect:

  • Online Banking Access ID (Quicken may refer to this as the Customer ID)
  • Online Banking password (Quicken may refer to this as a PIN)

If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking, enroll now or contact one of our personal bankers at 1-800-277-2175.

Setting up your accounts in Quicken:

Web Connect is available for Quicken versions 2011 and later. Because of different versions and operating systems, set-up varies.

To assist you with step by step instructions on using Direct Connect or Web Connect, we have provided Quicken User Guides.