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Streamline and simplify point-of-sale payments and bill pay collectibles with solutions for the healthcare marketplace

As a healthcare provider you have unique payment needs. We offer payment solutions that allow you to focus on patients, not how they pay. Our solutions make it more convenient for patients to pay by debit or credit card at the point of care.

Transend Pay

Don’t wait to receive your payments. Transend Pay, a solution exclusively for our healthcare providers, makes payments easy. It closes the communication loop between you and insurance providers streamlining the process and getting payments up to seven days faster.

Transend Pay replaces paper check payments you receive from insurance companies with fast, secure electronic deposits and combines the convenience of electronic payments with standardized ERAs and automated posting options. It accelerates cash flow and simplifies the reconciliation processes.


In today’s world you can run your practice from anywhere–Converge is a secure and affordable solution that makes it easy for you to accept payments whether in-office, online or using a mobile device. And we can help you manage it all in one place, easily and securely online. You can count on Converge to go wherever your business grows.

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