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Terminals & Software

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Our easy-to-use equipment and software will meet your needs and the latest industry security standards.

Tablet and Mobile Terminals

Tablet and Mobile Terminals

As more consumers expect to be able to pay for transactions anytime, anywhere, on any device, your business is challenged to accommodate them if you want to make the sale.

We offer solutions from TALECH, NCR Silver, Converge MobileSM and Virtual Merchant Mobile.

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Countertop and Wireless Terminals

Countertop Terminals

Countertop Terminals have an ergonomic, hand-over design, taking up less space at your work station.

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Pin Pads

These sleek, ergonomic PIN Pads occupy minimal counter space and feature EMV acceptance and contactless payment capabilities.

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POynt Terminal

Wireless Terminals

Choose from short range and long range wireless terminals and process payments anywhere and bring the point-of-sale to your customers.

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Poynt Smart Terminal & Poynt 5

A complete wireless payment solution that lets you accept payment anywhere, where the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution.

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Contact a Merchant Services Representative who will help answer your questions and to provide you with solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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Secure Payment Solutions

Secure Payment Solutions

All of our Ingenico and VeriFone terminal lines carry EMV technology for improved card/cardholder validation for PIN-based transactions as well as EMV chip cards, that help protect you and your customers from counterfeit card fraud.

The embedded EMV card technology improves security over the legacy magnetic stripe technology, which can all too easily be skimmed for counterfeit purposes. EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) is a global standard for payment cards using chip technology allowing you better card/cardholder authentication.