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Tablet and Mobile Terminals

Tablet Payments

As more consumers expect to be able to pay for transactions anytime, anywhere, on any device, your business is challenged to accommodate them if you want to make the sale. In order to help you meet this consumer demand, Elavon has partnered with TALECH and NCR Silver, two leading tablet solution providers. Our tablet solutions gives you real-time access to your data and reports anytime and from anywhere you have internet access.



TALECH is an affordable, turnkey register solution that transforms a compatible tablet into not just a modern-day cash register, but a powerful business-management solution as well.

NCR Silver

NCR Silver

NCR Silver is an easy-to-use and powerful mobile point-of-sale solution. NCR Silver allows small businesses to manage and market itself from one solution, anytime, anywhere.

Converge Mobile<sup>SM</sup> and Virtual Merchant Mobile

Converge MobileSM and Virtual Merchant Mobile

In today’s world you can run your business from anywhere–Converge MobileSM is a secure and affordable solution that makes it easy for you to accept payments whether in-store, via mail order/telephone order (MO/TO), online or using a mobile device.

The Virtual Merchant mobile app, an extension of Converge MobileSM can turn your mobile device into a payment terminal. It gives you the ability to accept payments anywhere you go using your smartphone or tablet. You can easily key-enter payment information or choose to add a secure card reader to process swiped transactions.

  • mobile phone icon
    Use your own smartphone or tablet
  • Cards
    Accept mag stripe, chip card and contactless payments

Learn About the New Poynt Smart Terminal and Poynt 5.

A complete wireless payment solution that lets you accept payment anywhere, where the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution.

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