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Welcome Merchant Services Customers

Thank you for choosing South State Bank as your Merchant Services provider.

What You Need to Know

  • You should expect to receive your terminal within the next 7 business days.
  • Please review all materials included in the Welcome Kit provided by Elavon including:
    • Get Started 1-2-3
    • Transaction Quick Tips
    • Adhere your Payment Acceptance Window Cling
    • Emergency Processing Kit
  • Log in to Payments Insider to view your account.
  • Complete your PCI Compliance Questionnaire within 90 days of account set up. To get started, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact for terminal support?
    • Call Terminal Support at 1-800-725-1243. When calling, have your Merchant Number and Tax ID# available.
  • How long does it take for funds to be deposited in to my account?
    • If you settle your terminal before 9pm, funds are deposited into your account within 24 – 48 hours.
  • How do I order receipt paper for my terminal?
    • Call 1-800-972-7815 to reorder
    • Visit your local office supply store
  • How do I update my address in my terminal?
    • Contact us at 1-800-277-2175 for all updates to your merchant account.
  • Who do I contact to activate my terminal?
    • Call Activation at 1-866-451-4007. When calling, have your Merchant Number and Tax ID# available.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) were established by the Payment Card Industry Council to help protect businesses from a data breach. Compliance with these standards is required for the security of your business and the security of your customers’ data.

  • Complete the PCI Compliance Questionnaire within 90 days of setting up your account. To get started, visit
  • Reference the Get Started guide to help you understand the PCI Compliance process and ongoing yearly requirements.
  • For frequently asked questions about PCI Compliance, click here.
  • To contact Sysnet, you can call (855) 750-0747.


Products & Services

Products & Services

No matter where your customers are they expect you to accept their payments easily and securely. We’ll help you choose the solutions that work best for your business. And our transparent pricing and hands on customer service help ensure that you can focus on your customers – not how they pay.

  • Payment Solutions – We help you to accept all the payment types your customers want to use.
  • Terminals & Software – Our easy-to-use equipment and software meets the latest industry security standards—and meets your various environments and needs, too.
  • Data Security – Let us help you protect your business and customers against fraud.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Terminal Support:
    • Call 1-800-725-1243
  • For a detailed batch report or copies of statements:
  • To reorder paper for your terminal:
    • Call  1-800-972-7815
  • To activate your terminal:
    • Call Activation at 1-866-451-4007. When calling, have your Merchant Number and Tax ID# available.
  • Account Maintenance:

Merchant Representatives:

  • Matt Davis: (704) 526-3605
  • Lori Kramer: (912) 459-5305
  • Elizabeth Levister: (803) 231-3527
  • Jeremy Menich: (843) 602-7433
  • Anita McCormack: (803) 231-3364
  • Brian Pendleton : (864) 306-7260
  • Cathie Seprish:(843) 300-5878
  • Samantha Smith: (706) 894-3528
  • Jill Sweat: (803) 231-3376