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Electronic Check Conversion

ElectronicCheckConversionMake check acceptance faster and more reliable.

While card payments are growing, a large number of consumers still prefer to pay by check.  However, accepting checks can be a risky and costly proposition. Bad check collection, bank fees, trips to the bank to make deposits, and check float all cost your business time and money.  Our Electronic Check Service can help reduce those risks and costs while maintaining check acceptance as a payment option.

Never collect a returned check again

While Electronic Check Conversion reduces the frequency of returned items, they can still occur. If a converted check is returned, you can elect to outsource the collection of the item.  Our collection partner will receive the returned item notice and attempt to collect. If successful, they will rebate your share of the face value of the item. This frees up your staff to do other functions while enhancing your collection process.

Or, to eliminate returned items completely, we offer an optional guarantee service. With this option, Elavon guarantees your item will never be returned to you for insufficient funds. For checks that get an approved authorization response, Elavon will be responsible for any loss on the check and will handle the collection of the item. You are never brought into the process, saving you time and money.

Online Management 

Monitor your check acceptance data using the EnQuire online service. This retains images, MICR data, store data and returns history for up to 2 years.

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