Progressive Lighting: Keeping the Southeast Bright Since 1965

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A regional home lighting company has continued to expand in a changing market.

It’s safe to say the world looked different when Progressive Lighting opened the doors of its first storefront location almost six decades ago.

Fred Lee and his father, Robert, had been working as home builders in the Atlanta area when they recognized an opportunity. The city’s population was booming, and houses were going up – but there was a noticeable absence of any standout solution when it came to purchasing lights.

They started their business out of a former grocery store in the East Lake neighborhood of Atlanta, and they haven’t looked back since.

“Living in Atlanta for 25 years, my wife and I had bought from Progressive Lighting,” says Bradley Carroll, the company’s CFO. “You walk into a showroom and it’s so impressive. But I was shocked to find out it’s family-owned. Its presence in the area is bigger than just lights.”

With 11 locations across metro Atlanta, North Carolina and Texas, along with a manufacturing division under the brand Savoy House and an ecommerce outlet called LightsOnline – Progressive Lighting has truly become a household name for residential lighting across the Southeast and beyond.

And to look at where the company is today, it’s remarkable how it has been able to stay true to its original culture. Fred Lee is the company’s Chairman and still active in decision-making. His son, Troy Lee, is the CEO and is reachable over the phone by customers in the case of a problem.

“We’ve made a big effort to maintain a culture of accessibility,” Bradley explains. “As we’ve grown, we’ve of course needed best practices and corporate governance to an extent, but we’ve never let that overtake the culture.”

Over their many years of doing business, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, however. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues created havoc for retailers and manufacturers around the country and abroad. Only through keen foresight and a well-developed strategy has Progressive Lighting been able to keep inventory stocked and operations running while many competitors have struggled.

And that’s where SouthState has been able to help.

With the bank’s emphasis on proactive planning and responsive communication, Progressive Lighting has been better able to navigate the challenges of the current landscape.

“It’s been great to have SouthState as a financial partner.” says Bradley. “As a former banker myself, I want to see someone who’s looking out for us and working for more than just what I’m asking for. We don’t need banking for today, we need it for tomorrow as well. SouthState has been willing and able to meet us there.”
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As a former banker myself, I want to see someone who’s looking out for us and working for more than just what I’m asking for. We don’t need banking for today, we need it for tomorrow as well.

Bradley Carroll, Progressive Lighting CFO

With a developing relationship that includes a line of credit, a merchant bank card and treasury services, Progressive Lighting is well-situated to continue its growth as a leader in the lighting space – no matter what may arrive around the corner.

“We’re excited about what the future holds for Progressive Lighting,” says Steve Hyde, Area Executive at SouthState Bank. “Even with the headwinds going on in the market, it’s about staying flexible and being ready to adjust to changes as they happen. We’ve got the capacity to meet their ongoing needs while being connected and responsive enough to help them figure out the best path forward.”

SouthState helps businesses like Progressive Lighting grow and adapt for the road ahead. To learn more, contact a commercial banker today. For more information about Progressive Lighting, visit their website.

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