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Tips for a Lower Electric Bill

thermostatA southern summer means sweet tea on front porches, farmers markets and air conditioning to beat this heat wave. Trying to stay cool in your house can mean your electric bill takes a hit, but these tips will help you manage your bill.

Turn off overhead lights.

Overhead lights get hot and add to the sweltering outside heat, meaning your AC will have to work overtime to keep your house cool. Rely on natural light and opt for lower lights like covered lamps.

Get your AC inspected.

We use a lot of AC in the south. Schedule an annual check-up for your system to prevent any surprise issues at the peak of summer.

Close blinds and raise the temp when you’re gone.

Setting your air  to 78 degrees or higher in the summer when you leave keeps the AC from running continuously when no one is home. If you’re worried about your house getting too hot, close the blinds to block the sun.

Make sure you’re fully insulated.

An easy way to lose the efficiency of your AC unit is to have the cold air leak out through cracks under doors and around windows. Walk around your house and feel for hot spots, then check for leaks and cracks. This will also help keep in heat in during the winter.

Program your thermostat.

Many heating and cooling systems can be programmed when to turn on and off at a specific time. Try setting up a program to turn off the air while you’re at work and turn on just before you get home at night. This way, you won’t have to remember to turn down the air every morning when you leave.

Cut your dryer time.

Built up lint in your dryer can slow down the drying process which means it takes longer for your clothes to dry completely. Cleaning the lint trap is not only good for the dryer, but also can prevent a fire. It’s also a good idea to also clean out the pipe behind the lint trap for extra lint. Try using dryer balls to make your dryer even more efficient.

With these tips and tricks, staying cool in the summer won’t mean watching your electric bill get out of control.