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How do I set up and validate my external accounts?

There are two ways you can set up and validate an external account:

Online Banking Credential Verification

You may enter your Online Banking login credentials for the other financial institution. This confirms you have access to the account via Online Banking with the other financial institution.Transfer capability will be available immediately after verification

Trial Deposit Verification

You will receive two small credits in your accounts within 1-2 business days.
Once the amounts have been received, you will login to South State Online or Mobile Banking to confirm the deposits. You can not send funds until this step is complete.

  • If you access your Online Banking, The Manage Accounts section is where the you will enter the Trial Deposit amounts.
  • If you access your Mobile Banking, the Alerts option on the Transfer tab is where you will enter the Trail Deposit amounts.

Please note: If the Trial Deposit is entered incorrectly, you will need to remove the account and re-enter the information to begin the verification process again.