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How do I set up an External Bank Account in the Mobile App?

To set up an External Bank Account in the Mobile App, you will need to:
1. Select the Transfer tab, select Make an External Transfer.
2. Select From.
3. Select +Add New.
4. Enter in the Type of Account, Nickname (optional), Routing Number and Account Number for the external account.
5. Tap Add.
6. Verify account by entering the User ID and Password to the external bank’s Online Banking.
a. You do have the option for trial deposits. South State Bank will deposit two small amounts into your external bank account in 1-2 business days. You will then log back in to South State Mobile App and click Alerts in the Transfer tab to complete the verification by entering the trail deposit amounts.
7. Tap Verify Now.
8. If applicable, review transfer and select Confirm.