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What do I need to do if I continue getting the Security Question even though I have registered my personal computer(s)?

Due to different computer settings and the variety of web browsers, there are several solutions to fix a registered computer from displaying the Security Question each time you login. Listed below are the most common solutions. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-800-277-2175.

Option 1

Delete your cookies so that a new cookie can be saved on your computer. The way you access cookie settings, or browsing history, may be different depending on which Internet browser you use. We are providing links to the most common browsers below and recommend you follow their instructions for deleting your cookies.

The first time you login to Online Banking after deleting your computer’s cookies, please do the following:

  • Answer the security question provided.
  • Select “Don’t challenge me again on the device”.
  • Click Continue.

Option 2

Verify Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer.

PC users: go to Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs/Change or Remove Programs Tab.

Mac users: Click on the System Preferences icon or click the Apple icon (top left corner of screen) and select System Preferences. Click on the “Software Updates” icon in the System section. This will launch the Software Update window. Next, click the “Installed Software” tab and find each program and verify that you have the latest version.

If you need to install Adobe Flash Player, please visit to download the latest version.

Option 3

Internet Explorer Users

Go to: Tools/Internet Options/ General Tab/under Browsing History. If the Delete browsing history on exit is checked, uncheck it. Click on the Settings button also under Browsing History. Select Every time I visit the webpage under Temporary Internet Files.

Mozilla Firefox Users

Go to: Tools/Options/Privacy tab/Under History. If the Clear History when Firefox closes is checked, uncheck it.