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Google PayTM FAQs

Google Pay™

What is Google Pay™?

Google Pay™ allows you to pay for goods and services without swiping a debit or credit card. All you need is an Android phone, the Google Pay app and a debit/credit card that offers the service.

How do I use Google Pay™?
  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
  3. If prompted, choose “Credit” regardless of your type of card. A debit card PIN may be required for some merchants.*

*Disclosure: Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.

Is Google Pay™ secure?

Yes. Google Pay™ is secure because it processes transactions through a tokenization service. This tokenization replaces a card number with a virtual account number.

Actual card numbers are not stored on the device, and a virtual account number is used instead. This will help reduce fraud, as the card information is not exposed.

How do I add my South State cards to Google Pay™?

To add your South State card to Google Pay, you will need to:

1. Open Google Pay and tap Get Started.
2. Tap credit or debit card to add.
3. Hold phone over the card you would like to add to take a picture.
4. Confirm card details and scroll down to review Terms and Conditions.
5. Tap Save.
6. Review Issuer Terms.
7. Tap Accept.
8. Complete Card Verification selecting to receive a One Time Code through a text message or email.
9. Once you receive your code through a text message or email, enter that code into your Wallet to complete your activation.

For Google Pay enrollment questions, please contact Customer Care at (800) 277-2175.