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Protecting Yourself at Home

It’s easy to let your guard down when you’re in the security of your own home. Thieves and hackers can often take advantage of homeowners in many ways. Use the tips below to help keep you and your family safe.

Tips for Protecting Yourself at Home

  • Instead of throwing paper in the trash, use a cross cut shredder to destroy any financial documents or credit solicitations. This reduces the chances of a thief being able to decipher your personal information.
  • You should never carry your social security number in your wallet or write it on a check. If an identity thief obtains your social security number they could potentially open lines of credit and spend thousands of dollars in your name. Only give it out if absolutely necessary or ask to use another identifier.
  • Don’t give out personal information over the phone, Internet or through the mail unless you know who you are dealing with. Avoid disclosing or accessing personal financial information when using public wireless connections (ex. using a Wi-Fi connection in a local restaurant to access Online Banking).
  • If you employ outside help, or are having work done in your house make sure you store your personal information in a secure location. A safe in your house or a safe deposit box at your bank is best.
  • Enroll to have bank and credit card statements sent electronically rather than to your mailbox at home.