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Data Breach Awareness: Safeguarding Your Accounts

Data security breaches have become more prevalent in today’s society, exposing consumers’ personal information, like social security numbers, debit and credit card numbers, expiration dates and PIN numbers. Although we make every effort to keep you informed of the latest data breach, you can take additional steps to help ensure the safety of your accounts.

How We Protect Your Information

  • Debit Cards – We continuously monitor debit cards for fraudulent activity. Various monitoring triggers are in place to identify suspicious activity, and if this occurs, we may block your debit card. In addition, our processor may call you to authenticate your transactions if they seem suspicious.
    • In the event of a widespread breach, we may take the initiative to issue you a new debit card for your protection. In addition, you may also request a new debit card at any time you feel your card information may have been compromised.
    • Please keep in mind whenever you receive a new debit card, you will need to notify businesses where you have automatic payments set up with your debit card of your new card number and expiration date.
  • Credit Cards – We closely work with our credit card processor to monitor cards for fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is noticed, you will automatically be issued a new credit card. In some cases, you will be contacted to confirm the validity of charges on your card that seem out of the ordinary. If these charges are unauthorized, you will be issued a new card.

How You Can Protect Your Information

  • Please make sure we have your correct contact information and address and notify us of any changes.
  • We recommend you review your monthly account and credit card statements for any unauthorized charges.
  • With South State Online and Mobile Banking, you can easily monitor your accounts more frequently. In addition, you can sign up for email and or/text alerts regarding the activity on your accounts.
    • If you notice any unauthorized charges, please notify us immediately.
  • Take advantage of free credit monitoring services.
    • Some larger merchants who experience a breach may offer free credit monitoring services.
  • For more helpful information on how you can protect your payments, cards and accounts, visit the Federal Trade Commission website here.

The safety of your accounts is important to us. Please keep in mind you will not necessarily be the victim of fraud in every instance of a breach, and any fraud may sometimes take up to one year before it appears. We encourage you to monitor your accounts regularly and always report any suspicious activity as soon as possible. You can also view frequently asked questions here.