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How You Can Protect Your Information

Protecting our customers is our top priority. While we can assure you that we are constantly monitoring our security and safeguarding your information, fraud prevention is a partnership. That partnership also requires a commitment from you to take proactive measures to keep your computer system and financial information secure.

  • Please make sure we have your correct contact information and address and notify us of any changes.
  • We recommend you review your monthly account and credit card statements for any unauthorized charges.
  • With South State Online and Mobile Banking, you can easily monitor your accounts more frequently. In addition, you can sign up for email and or/text alerts regarding the activity on your accounts.
  • If you notice any unauthorized charges, please notify us immediately.
  • Take advantage of free credit monitoring. Some larger merchants who experience a breach may offer free credit monitoring services.
  • For more helpful information on how you can protect your payments, cards and accounts, visit the Federal Trade Commission website here.

For more information about keeping your computer system and financial information secure, visit our Protecting Yourself section here.