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What to do if your data is compromised?

What we do

We continuously monitor all South State debit cards for fraudulent activity, as well as review available information from VISA regarding account compromises.

When we are made aware of a potential data breach or discover that your card may have been compromised and is at risk for fraud, we will be proactive in issuing you a new South State Debit Card. Although you may never see fraud on your account, we do this for your protection.

Next Steps

  • You will receive a new South State Debit Card with a new card number.
  • Using the instructions on the card label, please activate your new card and destroy your current one.
  • When activating your new card, please follow the prompts to reset your PIN. You may use the same PIN you have for your current card.
  • Please remember to notify any businesses where you have established automatic payments of your new card number and expiration date. You may also need to update your card information if it is stored in a digital wallet or on a retail site.