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Mortgage Loan Checklist

Applying for a mortgage does not have to be a daunting process.

At South State Bank, we believe your new home mortgage is just as important as your new home.

We’ll take the time to understand your unique situation and help you through each step of the mortgage process. Use this checklist to help the application process be quick and easy:

1 The Sales Contract– The completed and signed sales contract for the property you are purchasing with all addenda.

1 Prior Residence History – The home address for every residence you have lived in during the past two years. If you are currently renting, bring the landlord’s name, address and phone number

1 Other Real Estate Information — Address, market value, loan information and copies of any rental agreements for other real estate you own.

1 Employment History – name, address and phone number for every employer you have worked for during the past two years.

1 Income Information – your most recent pay stubs plus W2s and signed income tax returns for the past two years. You will also need to bring proof of other sources of income you wish to use to qualify for your loan.

1 Checking, Savings, Retirement and Equities Accounts – name and address of financial institution holding the account, account number, account balance and complete statements for the past two months.


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More Resources

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