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Paying your bills has never been easier.


Simply your life by signing up for electronic bills (eBills). eBills1 allow you to easily review your bills online instead of receiving paper statements. And, you’re notified by email when an eBill is received or is due. You can click the “Get eBill” icon within the Payment Center to review the bill and pay in one easy step!

eBills are electronic versions of paper bills that you can view and pay online or from your mobile phone. You may have questions about eBills, so we’re here to help you understand exactly what they are and how they can make your life easier.

It’s convenient.

Whether it’s work or family, your life can be busy. Offering eBills is one way we can help by providing you a convenient way to view and pay all of your bills in one location. Plus, they’re completely free. Numerous companies, such as utilities, credit cards and insurance, make eBills accessible to their customers.

eBills are easy and reliable.

Compared to receiving paper bills, eBills are faster, easier and more secure. Once you sign up for eBills, you’ll receive an email notification each month informing you that a new bill is available. To view or pay the bill, you can log into Online Banking2 or Mobile Banking3. The eBill will clearly state the due date and the amount due. You can also review previous bills from your Payment Center in BillPay.2

Enhanced security to keep you safe.

eBills enable you to have enhanced security by reducing the amount of personal information traveling through unsecured mailboxes. Plus, you eliminate clutter by receiving less mail, which can help you to stay organized.

You still have complete control.

When you enroll for an eBill, you have control over when your monthly bills are paid. You can schedule reoccurring payments or pay your bills manually each month; it’s completely up to you. You also have the ability to select the email reminders and notifications you want to receive (i.e., when a payment has been sent or if it has not been paid by the due date).

Get started today.

eBills are an electronic version of your bills. If an eBill is offered by one of your billers, you will see an eBill link next to the AutoPay link below each biller name as well as a Get eBills flag under the payee details.

To get started:

  1. Click the eBills link then Get eBills.
  2. Enter and/or verify your information
  3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Click the Add button.

Please note some companies will automatically enroll you for an introduction to eBills.  If a company offers this service, you will receive an email stating the time period of the eBill trial and how to accept or cancel the eBill.  During the trial period, you will continue to receive a paper statement.

At any time during the trial, you can hover on the biller name or click on the Bill Intro icon next to your biller to read more information, continue receiving eBills, or paper bills.

Watch our BillPay Online Demo to learn more about eBills. If you are not a current BillPay user, click here to learn how to enroll.

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