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Round Up to Save

Save up, little by little and make a big difference. We’ll even match 2% of the Round Up to Save transfers, up to $250.

Get Started

Looking for an easy way to help your savings grow?

Enroll in Round Up to Save™1. Contact a banker today to get started.

If you round up $0.50 a day for one year, you will save $182.50 plus a 2% match.
If you round up $0.50 a day for one year, you will save $182.50 plus a 2% match.
  • Getting Started is Easy

    All you need is your South State checking2, savings3 account, and debit card.

  • Save as You Shop

    Your savings will grow every time you use your debit card to buy groceries, fill up at the gas station or simply make an everyday purchase.

  • We’ll Match Annually

    Then, at the end of the year, South State will match 2% of those savings, up to $250.

Calculate How Much You Will Save

If you round up this amount per day for one year: $

You will save: $ 0.00

Plus, we’ll match 2%

How Does it Work?

For every debit card purchase you make, we’ll “round up” the amount to the next dollar and deposit that change in your savings account. Below is an example of how it works.

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