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Saver's Club

Saver's Club* can help you save for anything on your wish list.

You start out by deciding when you’ll need the money. Then you make regular monthly deposits into your Saver’s Club account until you reach your goal. Plan ahead and avoid the stress of paying for vacations, a new car, holiday gifts, new furniture for your home – almost anything on your wish list!

What are you saving for?

Wedding      Wedding         FamilyPool      Family Pool
Vacation      Vacation         HolidayGifts      Holiday Gifts
NewCar      New Car         NewFurniture      New Furniture


Account Details:

  • $5 to open
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly maintenance charge
  • Allows one (1) withdrawal per calendar quarter1
  • Minimum $5 automatic transfers from a South State account each month
  • Automatically transfer to checking or savings accounts
  • Earns interest, paid at maturity, see rates
  • Online Banking2
  • Mobile Banking3 with Mobile Deposits
  • Phone Banking4