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Squirrels Club

cartoon squirrel

It’s never too early to start teaching your children the importance of saving. If they learn good habits early, they are likely to continue them throughout their own lives.

At South State, we think it’s important to educate today’s youth on the value of basic money management and saving. The Squirrels Club is designed to help children learn to save and make it fun. Children under the age of 12 with a South State Youth Savings Account are automatically enrolled in the Squirrels Club.

Squirrels Club membership includes:

  • Early hands-on lessons on the value of saving
  • Membership gifts
  • Squirrels Club birthday card and gift
  • Exclusive savings at local events and programs


This valuable program provides free savings education and hands-on banking experience to students throughout the communities we serve. Students can make deposits into their Youth Savings Account1 once a month at school and watch their savings grow throughout the year.

We also assist our school partners by contributing time and resources to local reading programs, career days, school festivals and teacher appreciation days.

Being actively involved in the schools and communities where we serve is the South State Way.