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Personal Account Fee Schedule

This schedule is being provided to serve as a convenient summary of our fees. If you have any questions regarding this fee schedule please contact your local branch.

Returned Item Fee (Items deposited/ cashed and returned) $12
Dormant Fee (per month, $60 maximum in GA) $5
          On all balances with no activity for 18 months regardless of balance, unless customer has another active account with South State Bank)
Interim Statement with Checks $10
Snapshot Statement (no checks) $7.50
Multiple Mailing Fee (Multiple statements/notice) $5
Official Checks
          Customers $10
          Non-customers $15
Wire Transfer Fees
           Incoming (per transfer) $15
           Domestic Outgoing (per transfer) $30
           International Outgoing (per transfer) $50
Research (per hour) $35
Balancing service (per hour) $25
Collection Item Incoming and Outgoing – (per item)
           Domestic Collection Items $25
           International Collection Items $50
Non-sufficient funds/overdraft charges (Checking and Savings)
          Overdraft Paid Item Fee $36
          NSF Returned Item Fee $36
(Checks paid in numerical order on day received. An overdraft item may be created by check/draft, in-person withdrawal, ACH item or other electronic means.)
Photocopies (per copy) $0.50
Stop Payment Fee
          In Branch or Call Center $36
          Online or Phone Banking $18
          Zelle® $10
Copy of 1098 $5
Copy of 1099 $5
Levies/Garnishments $100
Account Closing (within 90 days) $25
IRA Transfer Fee (to another institution) $50
HSA Transfer Fee (to another institution) $50
Replace ATM Debit Card $5
Foreign ATM Fee (Non-South State Bank ATM withdrawal fee) $3
Daily Overdraft Fee (each day a checking account is overdrawn after the 2nd day) Applies to money market and certain business accounts only $5
Drill Safe Deposit Box $150
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement Fee (per key) $25
Late Safe Deposit Box Fee (after 30 days) $10
Verification of Deposits $20
Bank to Bank Outgoing Transfers (Online Banking) $3
Same Day Bill Payments (ACH only) $9.95
Next Day Bill Payments $14.95
Visa® Gift Card $5.95
Overdraft Sweep Fee (per transfer) $12