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Chip Technology

At South State, keeping our customers protected is a top priority. Chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit and debit card protection.

Using Chip Technology is Easy

Chip technology has been integrated into thousands of locations worldwide. All you need is your card with EMV chip technology and a participating location with a chip-enabled terminal.

Chip Technology

Insert card into terminal

At chip-enabled locations, insert the chip end of the your card into the terminal.

Chip Technology

Allow card to process

Leave your card in the terminal while it processes. The card will remain in the terminal until the transaction is complete.

Chip Technology

Remove your card

Remove your card from the terminal when prompted, take your receipt and have a great day!

Benefits of Chip Technology

  • More Secure. Relax knowing your card information is nearly impossible to steal.
  • Globally accepted. Chip technology has been adapted in over 100 countries throughout the world.
  • Easy to use. Three easy steps and you’re out the door and more secure.
We're here to help

We are currently in the process of replacing existing debit cards with new cards featuring EMV chip technology. For more information, visit our Chip Technology FAQs.

Chip Technology FAQs