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About SEP

A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) might be an appropriate option for you and your employees.

This is a retirement plan an employer can establish for employees (self-employed individuals can also adopt a SEP plan). Employer SEP contributions are made to an employee’s traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) (usually called SEP IRAs). All of the rules applicable to traditional IRAs apply to SEP IRAs.

In addition, employees can make their own traditional (but not Roth) IRA contributions to their SEP IRAs, subject to regular traditional IRA rules and contribution limits.

About the SIMPLE IRA

A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers Individual Retirement Account (SIMPLE IRA) may also be an appropriate option for you and your employees.

This is an employer-sponsored retirement plan. With a SIMPLE IRA, both the employer and the employees make contributions to IRAs established for the employees.

SIMPLE IRAs are different from traditional IRAs – employees can’t make regular IRA contributions to SIMPLE IRAs. After an employee participates in the SIMPLE plan for two years, however, the employee can roll the SIMPLE IRA assets into a traditional IRA.

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