Mid-South Roof Systems: Fostering Growth in an Ever-Changing Industry

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Forward-looking Company Turns Challenges into New Opportunities

It’s no secret organizations across industries have seen their fair share of ups and downs over the last couple of years, and Mid-South Roof Systems is no exception. With its specialty in commercial roofing solutions and focus on distribution centers, manufacturing and warehouses, the company was not immune to the material shortages and cost increases that brought increased uncertainty to an already cyclical industry.

Rather than shying away from the challenge, Mid-South Roof Systems CEO Geoff Mitchell saw an opportunity to drive innovation, growth and positive change for his organization.

From its humble beginnings in 1990, a small team working from a home office under the entrepreneurial leadership of Founder Ron Newton has since evolved into a company of more than 100 employees, with its own commercial space and well-established systems, processes and procedures. Now, CEO Geoff Mitchell is ready to take Mid-South Roof Systems to the next level, bringing an intentional approach to the company’s growth and people development to continue driving success despite an ever-changing market.

“The last 24 months brought crisis to our marketplace, with material in our industry doubling in cost,” said Mitchell. “Yet, our confidence in how we handled these challenges – from our ability to acquire material and solve customer problems to the financial backing we had – ultimately gave us the platform we needed to really grow our market share.”

And that’s how SouthState was able to help.

Underscored by its commitment to putting its customers first, the bank’s deep understanding of the company, its needs, its people and the industry empowered Mid-South Roof Systems with the support and confidence needed to continue providing excellent service.

And at the same time, the company’s footprint was starting to grow. Though headquartered in Georgia, up until recently, Mid-South Roof Systems traveled for much of its work – from Mississippi to Alaska and Hawaii – to states where the jobs were needed.

“It’s been really amazing to watch the Southeast begin to really assert itself and become a powerful player in distribution, manufacturing and the nation’s economy, and we’ve been able to bring more of our work closer to home as a result” explained Mitchell. “Knowing we’re in good hands with SouthState gives us one less thing to worry about, so we can focus our efforts toward serving our customers and growing the company.”
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The SouthState team bent over backwards to make things work as we dealt with a lot of uncertainty.

Geoff Mitchell, CEO of Mid-South Roof Systems

In response, SouthState was able to increase the company’s borrowing availability twice in 2022, with Mid-South Roofing Systems using these credit facilities to continue enabling record growth. For a forward-looking company like Mid-South Roof Systems, banking forward with SouthState – and banking for what’s next in life – has made all the difference.

“The SouthState team bent over backwards to make things work as we dealt with a lot of uncertainty,” continued Mitchell. “We really got to know the intentionality with which SouthState approaches the corporate side of the business, and a mutual trust and understanding has made the relationship strong.”

A client since 2014, SouthState provides Mid-South Roofing Systems a full-service commercial banking relationship including depository, treasury, and credit services.

“There’s a lot of trust and respect coming from the SouthState side toward Geoff Mitchell and the rest of the team at Mid-South Roof Systems,” said Ed Jenkins, Senior Vice President, North Atlanta Commercial Banking Manager at SouthState Bank. “I’ve been impressed with their ability to see what’s coming and plan proactively, keeping their banking partner informed all along the way.”

SouthState helps businesses like Mid-South Roof Systems grow and adapt for the road ahead. To learn more, contact a commercial banker today. For more information about Mid-South Roof Systems, visit their website.

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