5 Tips to Strengthen Your Passwords

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Watch our video on 5 tips to strengthen your passwords to help protect your business.

Contact your SouthState banker to learn more about fraud prevention tips.
  1. Make Passwords as long as possible - A 16 character password would take 22 billion years to crack 3 character passwords take 1 second to crack. 
  2. Include numbers, symbols and letters - Randomly mix up symbols and numbers with letters. Substitute zero for the letter O.
  3. Do not reuse passwords - 92% of online users use the same password across multiple accounts, which puts all of your data at risk. Use unique passwords for everything to minimize exposure when one of your accounts is compromised. 
  4. Start using a password manager - There are services that store passwords for you in an encrypted, centralized location that you access with a master password. Examples: 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, etc. 
  5. Avoid using obvious personal information - Don’t use words, dates and names that may be discoverable by browsing social media accounts.  
Contact your SouthState banker to learn more about fraud prevention tips.

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