Card Controls Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Card Controls FAQs

How do I access Debit Card Controls in Online Banking or on the Mobile App?

Log in to Online Banking or the Mobile App. Click the Account Services tab, then click the Debit Card Controls option listed in the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Debit Card Controls homepage.

Remember to update your Mobile App to the latest version to access Debit Card Controls on your mobile device.

Am I able to turn my card on or off when I need to?

Yes! Within Debit Card Controls, you can turn your card on and off. This can be done from the home page of Debit Card Controls by toggling the card slider on or off.

When your card is off, previously scheduled recurring payments and deposits using your debit card will still be approved. To stop these while your card is off, please call us at (800) 277-2175.

Can I report my debit card lost or stolen using Debit Card Controls?

Yes. Under the Manage Card feature, select “Report Lost or Stolen.”

By selecting “Continue,” the card will be turned off. You will then be prompted to call SouthState Customer Care to report the card lost/stolen and order a new card.

Can I still use my debit card if I am traveling?

Absolutely. As a best practice, notify us of your travel plans in advance so we can ensure your card does not get blocked. Please call us at (800) 277-2175 or use Debit Card Controls in Online or Mobile Banking to create your travel plan. Debit Card Controls gives you the flexibility to create a travel plan without the need to contact SouthState. Using the Travel Plan feature, you can create up to two travel plans per debit card at a time.

Can I notify you of my travel plans through Debit Card Controls?

Yes! Debit Card Controls gives you the flexibility to create a travel plan without the need to contact SouthState. Using the Travel Plan feature, you can create up to two travel plans per debit card at a time. To create a travel plan, select Manage Travel Plans from within Debit Card Controls.

Can I reset my PIN for my debit card using Debit Card Controls?

Yes. Under the Manage Card feature, you can reset your debit card PIN. Your PIN must be four numerical digits. It cannot be four consecutive numbers in a row, and it cannot include the same number consecutively three times.

How do I view my debit card transactions in Debit Card Controls?

You can view debit card transactions in Debit Card Controls by selecting the card for which you want to view your transactions.


I use Google Pay/Apple Pay® for my purchases. Can I load my card in there?

Yes. A debit card in Debit Card Controls can be added to Google Pay or Apple Pay directly from Debit Card Controls. This allows you to transact in-app, online, or in store at participating merchants that support your digital wallet payment.

Can I see my SouthState Credit Card in Debit Card Controls as well?

No. If you currently have a SouthState Credit Card, you will continue to access your credit card the same way you have always accessed it.

I currently have multiple alerts set up in Online Banking. Will alerts related to debit card transactions transfer to Debit Card Controls?

If you are enrolled in Account Alerts, you will continue to receive these alerts. This means, if you enroll in Debit Card Controls alerts, you may receive multiple alerts for a transaction.

Debit Card Controls supports alerts via push notifications and email. SouthState Mobile App users will receive push notifications as a delivery method by default. Online Banking users will receive email notifications by default. In order to receive push notifications from the app, users must log in to the Mobile App.

IMPORTANT – Debit Card Controls Alerts are “Turned On” for All Transactions by Default
  • Alert for all transactions—This is enabled by default, meaning you will receive alerts to your preferred communication channel for all transactions unless you choose to customize.
  • Alert for selected transactions—To customize alerts, you can select Controls & Alerts from the home page, select the Alerts tab, and then select Alert for Select Transactions. Selected Transaction options are: Locations (region), Merchant Types, Transaction Types, and Spend Limits. For example, if you enable an alert for a specific transaction type, such as ATM or Online, then you will receive alerts for just those transaction types. If this option is selected, but no additional selections are made for the available categories (Locations (region), Merchant Types, Transaction Types, Spend Limits), then  you will not receive any of these notifications.
  • No transaction alerts— You may select this option to stop receiving transaction alerts via Debit Card Controls. (If you are enrolled in Account Alerts, you will continue to receive those alerts.)

Is there a duration limit for travel plans in Debit Card Controls?

Yes. Travel plans have a standard duration limit of 15 days. If you are traveling for longer than 15 days, you may need to set up two travel plans.

If I get a new Debit Card, is it possible to activate it using Debit Card Controls?

If a card has not yet been activated, you can select Activate Card on the card image to activate your card. From there, you will be prompted to enter your expiration date and security code (CVV/CVV2). If entered correctly, the card will be activated, and you will have the option to add the card to your digital wallet.

When my debit card expires, will my new card automatically be added to Debit Card Controls? 

Yes. Your new card will automatically be added to Debit Card Controls. You may be able to view your new card in Debit Card Controls before you receive the physical card. Please be aware, you will not be able to activate your new card through Debit Card Controls until you have the physical card in hand.

Can I add my spouse’s debit card to my Debit Card Controls?

All active debit cards tied to you are automatically loaded into Debit Card Controls in your Online Banking profile. If your spouse's card is not in your name, you will not be able to load it to your Debit Card Controls. Your spouse's debit card should be available in Debit Card Controls in their Online Banking profile.

I don’t see my debit card in Card Controls. Can I add it?

Yes. You can manually add your card by selecting Settings, then Hide/Show card and following the on-screen instructions to input your card information.

If you have a business debit card, you will need to manually add it to Debit Card Controls.

Am I able to see my whole debit card number in Debit Card Controls?

Yes. The View Digital Card feature provides the ability to view the full/unmasked card number and other card information. This eliminates the need to have your physical card in hand to make purchases. To view your digital card, select the View Digital Card button from the Card Details section.

Can I see more information about my debit card transactions?

Yes. There are two ways within the Transactions option in Debit Card Controls to gain greater insight into your debit card activity:
  1. Transaction History - Access your debit card transaction history by selecting View All within the Recent Transactions section on the Debit Card Controls home screen. You can also search through your transaction list by selecting Filter and entering specific search criteria.
  2. Transaction Details - You will be able to see additional details which will be displayed such as the merchant’s address and contact information. If you select Show More, you can view the reason for a transaction denial if looking at a denied transaction. If applicable, the reason an alert generated will also display for approved and denied transactions.

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