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Financial Tools

Money Management Made Easy

Get insights into your full financial picture with our easy-to-use tools.

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See Your Full Financial Picture

You’ll now be able to link all of your accounts (even those from other financial institutions) so you can see a true reflection of your net worth.
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Where does my money go?

Our simple charts and graphs help you to see your money movement in a new way, giving you powerful insights to better manage your money.

Cash Flow

Monitor past trends and future prediction to see when you’ll be able to afford an anticipated purchase.


Track all of your debts and make a plan to pay them off.

Net Worth

See how your net worth changes over time.


The spending chart is another simplified view to see your expenses and income during a set period of time.


See how your categorized transactions change over time.


Your bubble budget is an easy way to see where you’re spending the most money. The bigger the bubble, the larger the expense.

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