Getting a Business Loan

small business owner meeting with banker for a business equity line

You’ve moved your startup from a dream on paper to an office. Now you need money to pay suppliers, market your products or services, and pay your employees. Or perhaps you are an established business ready to expand with new equipment or into new locations.

It might be time for a business loan. The key to getting the loan that you want at a rate you can afford is preparation.

Reasons for getting a loan

Multinational corporations, mid-size manufacturers, and small service providers all routinely apply for business loans. Every company in business needs working capital.

The most common reasons for applying for a business loan include:
  • Buying real estate;
  • Adding more building space;
  • Buying equipment;
  • Investing in inventory;
  • Getting working capital to tide a business over a money crunch; and
  • Launching a new product.

What You’ll Need

Bank loans typically require extensive paperwork. Check with your accountant to make sure all your business financial reports are ready for the loan officer’s review.

Your business will need the following when applying for a loan:
  • Your personal credit history and credit score;
  • The credit history for your business;
  • Both personal and business financial statements, including debt-to-income ratio;
  • Detailed business plan;
  • Projections for cash flow for the coming year;
  • Guarantees from the principals; and
  • Industry risk as rated by governmental SIC codes.
You should accompany these documents with the story of your business, as a way to tie it all together, and present your best possible profile to the loan officer. Talk about industry growth, your chance to partner with a major player in the field, or other reasons you are seeking the loan.

What Lenders are Looking For

Your firm needs to be on solid financial ground in order to qualify for a bank loan. You should be able to show your business has been profitable for the last three years.

Your bank may want to you meet criteria including:
  1. The purpose of the loan must be financially sound. That means using it for speculating, for lending, for investments that are passive in nature, for gambling, or for pyramid sales are out of bounds.
  2. Have a good credit history. The principles, including you and the key members of your management team, must have good credit, personal or business, and be experienced in the field.
  3. Proof you can pay the loan back. Your business or you personally must have the assets to back the loan up. In many cases, you will be asked to guarantee the loan personally. As long as your firm has ample assets, they probably won’t ask for a lien on your home.
The loan department will examine all the paperwork in detail. Don’t be surprised if they even check your social media for clues about the state of your business. Bank loan departments are thorough.

In summary, do your research, prepare well in advance of the loan, and completely fill out all the paperwork. Present your business in the best possible way, while staying accurate. The loans are available, and if you prepare adequately, you have an excellent chance of getting what you need.

Learn more about business lending from SouthState here.

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