Atlanta’s Resurgence Hall Creates ‘Ecosystem for Success’

Resurgence Hall teachers standing in a classroom
The weekday morning routine of packing lunches, finding shoes and heading off to school looks much the same for students across metro Atlanta. For those going to Resurgence Hall Charter School in Fulton County, the rest of the day reaches an impressive level of empowerment and achievement at the award-winning charter school.

“We’re unapologetic about our belief that all children can become the best and brightest,” says Tori Jackson Hines, executive director and founder of Resurgence Hall.

A veteran teacher, Hines knew exactly the type of school experience she wanted to create when she founded Resurgence Hall in 2016. She pulled from her years in the classroom to prioritize unique academic offerings and unparalleled support for the staff.

Her vision has paid off in the form of several accolades. The tuition-free K-8 charter school received Title I Distinguished School recognition by the Georgia Department of Education and is ranked in the top 5% of all public schools in the state. Hines says the awards validate what she already believed about the caliber of her students and teachers.

It’s rewarding for SouthState Commercial Relationship Manager Adrienne White to serve a customer making such a positive impact.
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When I visited the school, I was impressed with how they’re meeting the needs of all students and families. I know they’re having a lasting impression in the East Point community.

SouthState Commercial Relationship Manager, Adrienne White

What Sets Resurgence Hall Apart

Computer Science and Literacy

Resurgence Hall is ahead of the curve in two key areas of academics: computer science and literacy. The school was the first in the state to begin computer science instruction in kindergarten.

In the literacy front, Hines wants each child to be “obsessed with books and reading.” There’s a core emphasis on literacy across the school with small group instruction opportunities no matter the reading level. “Our literacy model is built off the science of reading,” Hines adds.

On the 2023 Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), 91% of Resurgence Hall students are reading at or on grade level, with 73% reading above grade level. With a mastery score of 96.2, the school outperformed all other metro Atlanta state charter schools.

“We’re already thinking of the next innovation to bring in,” Hines says.

A Foundation Built With Values

The output may be excellent academics, but Resurgence Hall’s foundation for its students is the RISE value system. The components of Reflection, Integrity, Service and Endurance are infused into every aspect of the school as teachers seek to instill persistence, self-control, curiosity, conscientiousness and self-confidence.

A Commitment to Teachers

Service, Hines’ favorite RISE value, extends to her teachers. After watching countless qualified teachers leave the classroom, Hines knew providing consistent resources and support for teachers year after year must be a key component of Resurgence Hall. The school has weekly, 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help teachers grow and navigate any issues they face.

“We want to create an ecosystem for success. It’s not just about having good teachers but building a good system,” she says.

A Bank with Educational Expertise

As Hines sought to open a charter school, she needed relationship banking with unique expertise. She found that in SouthState, which supports the financial goals of several charter schools in metro Atlanta.

A Relationship Between Partners

Hines commends how her bankers have been partner-oriented from day one. Much like Resurgence Hall’s 1-on-1 coaching for teachers, White offers 1-on-1 support as relationship manager. “If you don’t have a person you can go to, you don’t have a partnership,” Hines says of being able to call White with questions or concerns.

White recently completed a comprehensive relationship review with Hines and the school’s finance committee. She helped to ensure that their cash balances were appropriately collateralized through SouthState’s participant in the State of Georgia Secure Deposit Program and presented them with options to earn a yield on cash reserve balances, using her expertise to work within the bounds of charter school finance laws. She also shared information about SouthState’s ability to support facility financing needs. “This proactive approach will allow Hines and her team to consider expansion in the future knowing they’re financially prepared,” White says.

“Our local team offers Resurgence Hall unmatched banking support and will work collaboratively with its specialty partners to refine the bank’s offerings and meet the complex needs of a growing charter school,” adds Director of Governmental and Not-for-Profit Banking David Adams.

Peace of Mind With Positive Pay

SouthState also set up a Positive Pay system for the school, providing secure payment options for vendors and check fraud protection. “It acts like a watchtower over our money and takes some of the mental load off,” Hines says.

“We enthusiastically joined forces with Resurgence Hall to meet their financial needs. Observing the family-like atmosphere and engaged students inspires me to think outside of the box when supporting them as a bank,” adds Charity Brundage, senior treasury management sales officer.

As Resurgence Hall continues its upward climb, SouthState’s partnership will evolve with the needs of the staff and school.

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