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My name is Colin Webb, an orthodontist at our practice web orthodontics So we're that I see a lot of fun because we get to treat all ages more with these patients for a long period of time. So we get to know all of our patients, their members of our community here in Charlotte. So I really enjoy being able to improve their smiles and getting to know them along the way.

When I joined the practice, my dad had already had a relationship with SouthState Bank. The commercial banking was already in place. As we grew the practice into multiple locations, we had a big need for commercial financing, for new equipment, for office build outs, lines of credit, everything. And so as we grew, we had a much bigger need for a really solid banking partnership South saying whereby if the docs have had a loan relationship.

I first met Colin when he wanted to buy his practice from his father South. They helped him with that transaction. Since then, we've helped Colin not only expand web orthodontics but open his other entity. Clear smile My name is Mark Moy. I'm with the private banking group at South State Bank, which is a part of our commercial banking team.

Most of the products that we provide to our private practice, including Doctor Web, are meant to help the business run smoothly. We've created a suite of products specifically for health care professionals. We can provide services to them for by end buyouts, expansion cycle locations, acquisitions of other practices, some of the ways that SouthState Banks technology makes my life easier is their Treasury Navigator platform.

It just keeps all of my team members connected. Our Treasury Navigator product is the best in class, easy to use, and has helped Dr. Webb and his office become much more efficient with their payables and receivables. That's just one of the types of products that we've done for Dr. Webb that has helped him continue to run his practice efficiently.

Our relationship with our banking partner was a huge reason why we stay with South stay and why we use them for all of our needs. South State and Web Orthodontics both really value the client experience and customer service, and that is what has made our partnership so beneficial. We are not transaction driven. We are relationship driven. So when we work with a client like Colin, our goal is to help him holistically, whether that's with his business or his personal needs.

So we try to take a long term approach with all of our clients, and Colin is a great example of that. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend SouthState Bank as their banking partner. They are super efficient and quick. There's never been a time when I haven't received a response for something. I need that day.

As we grow, our banking needs grow, and I know that SouthState will continue to be there for us.


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