Bankers Help Augusta Middle Schoolers ‘Achieve’ Career Goals

SouthState Banker helping middle school student at JA BizTown
A new SouthState branch recently welcomed team members with a unique set of skills. Though their time in the finance industry was brief, their enthusiasm quickly made an impact.

Located in the Junior Achievement Discovery building in Augusta, Georgia, the “branch” is part of JA BizTown and run by students from Columbia and Richmond county schools. A frequent partner of Junior Achievement, SouthState sponsored BizTown storefronts in Augusta and Savannah.

Featuring companies including Piedmont Augusta, Publix and Georgia Power, BizTown is an impressive, immersive experience. Students spend the day in real-life scenarios including setting up payroll, developing a marketing plan, electing a mayor and tracking invoices. Volunteers, like those from SouthState’s Augusta region, are there to offer guidance, but it’s the students who inherit job titles from CEO to branch manager to public safety officers.
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“It’s a treat for our bankers to participate in this unique mentorship opportunity. We’re preparing the next generation for the workforce.”

Jay Forrester, Augusta Region President

Before the day began, JA staff trained volunteers to handle any difficult or challenging questions students may ask. Volunteers then arranged themselves around the town square to cheer on the students when they arrived.

Following a team-building activity, volunteers led students through their business-related tasks. Students applied for business loans, set costs for their products and much more. The day wrapped up with the opportunity to “shop” for products around BizTown. As a bonus, SouthState’s mascot, Stash, helped the young bankers promote savings accounts at the branch storefront.

“The students impressed us by using their individual strengths to lead others, brainstorm together and anticipate problems,” Forrester says. “The potential of their young minds is truly inspiring. My team is eager to volunteer with Junior Achievement again.”

“Making tangible connections in our communities is the heart of our volunteerism efforts. Through Junior Achievement mentoring, we’re able to impact future business owners, community leaders and even bankers – plus their energetic spirts left an impact on our volunteers,” adds Eula Parker, community development officer.

SouthState proudly partners with community organizations across its 6-state footprint. Read more about our corporate stewardship efforts on our website.

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